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Bench Requests and Maintenance

Request a new city bench or bench repair between the sidewalk and the curb.

Bollard Request

Request new or replacement posts to keep cars out of city owned property.

City Tree Maintenance

Request city tree maintenance or planting.

Clean Sweep Registration

Register for May 4 2024 Clean Sweep

Crow Control

Report issues with roosting crows or concerns about crow remediation.

Dead Animal Removal

Request to remove a dead animal from public property or between the sidewalk and the curb.

Fire Hydrant Issues

Report concerns about fire hydrants.

Graffiti Removal

Request graffiti removal.

High Grass and Weeds on Property

Report overgrown grass and weeds.

Illegal Auto repair

Report an illegal auto repair business.

Illegal Dumping

Report illegal dumping in the City of Rochester.

Litter and Debris

Report litter and debris on public or private property.

Municipal Code Violation

Request a hearing to dispute a municipal code violation.

Parking Meters

Report an issue with a parking meter or pay station.

Parking on Grass (Front Yard)

Report front yard parking.

Parking Ticket

Dispute a parking ticket.

Parks Maintenance and Repair

Report a maintenance issue at a city park.

Permit Concern about My Neighbor

Report or inquire about a neighbor’s construction permit.

Pothole Repair

Request a pothole repair.

Public Litter Basket Maintenance

Request to place, empty, or repair a public litter basket.

Recurring Noise

Report a recurring noise problem.

Refuse / Recycle Container

Request to repair, remove, or deliver a residential garbage container.

Refuse / Recycle Pickup Request

Request residential garbage or recycle pickup.

Remove Barricades

Remove barricades that the City of Rochester previously placed.

Rental Property Maintenance Issues

Report a maintenance issue on a rental property.

Road and Sidewalk Construction Issues

Report construction issues on city maintained roads and sidewalks.

Road Plate Issue

Report a road plate issue.

Schedule a Lead, C of O or Other Permit Inspection

Request a lead, certificate of occupancy, or other permit inspection.

Sidewalk Repair

Report a broken or uneven sidewalk.

Street Lighting Issues

Report a street light issue.

Unlicensed Vehicle

Report an unlicensed vehicle on private property or on a city lot.

Water Curb Box Damaged

Report a damaged water valve curb box.

Water Valve Cover Missing

Report a missing water valve cover.